Individual Counseling

2228042119Take action that aligns with who you most want to be.

Anxiety keeps you up all night.

Depression keeps you from showing up.

The relationship that used to nurture you is recently leaving you feeling a little lost.

Sometimes it feels like you can’t keep going like this. You need to get back to who you used to be… or maybe even a different version of You that you haven’t met yet.

2156978949Sometimes life is so chaotic.

We don’t even know what needs to change. We just know something isn’t working.

It’s a sense of restlessness, like something isn’t right, or we’re out of balance.

Something is keeping you from engaging in things you used to enjoy.

But avoidance only makes things worse. When we try to avoid our discomfort, we miss out on being present in our lives. We lose access to our sources of joy.

Once you identify what isn’t working, I can help you find strategies that will.

I’ve been working for two decades to help people reduce anxiety and depression and increase access to connection and joy.

1078277615I help people just like you.

When you join me for a session, you can expect to be at ease and get to the heart of what you want to be different.

What happens in counseling?

I believe that relationships form the most important part of our environment, so I regularly help clients set healthy boundaries and practice assertiveness. And because our relationship with ourselves directly affects our confidence and our mood, making a habit of self-respect and self-compassion is often a place that we start.

Using proven strategies to manage anxiety and depression, you can begin to re-engage in the activities you love. If you’re interested, you can even learn new skills to take relationships to a deeper level and, ultimately, live a more satisfying life.

Wondering if you’re a good fit to work with me?

I love working with people from all walks of life! What they all have in common, though, is a willingness to look deeply at themselves and “sort the laundry” – decide what belongs to them and what belongs to others.

My clients become committed to acting based on their values. They usually desire greater connection in relationships and more passion in life. Most of all, they are ready to take ownership of their lives and focus on what matters.

596691338Stop searching.

Your Inner Compass has been here all along. I can help you connect with the part of yourself that might have felt lost.

Together, we can create the lasting change you’ve been trying to find in your life.

Finding out if we’re a good fit is easy. Just call to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consult to learn more about how I can help you: (704) 741-0692. Take that step today!