Sexuality and Gender Exploration

The stuff you order on Amazon fits in cute little boxes. People don’t.

426499156You’re here because you’ve questioned these things.

Growing up, you always knew you were different but didn’t know why.

You weren’t into the same things as many of your peers.

Your first infatuation was NOT the teen idol everyone else had taped to their bedroom wall.

Sexuality can change over your lifetime…

And gender isn’t always fixed.

“Either/or” aren’t the only checkboxes.

Maybe you’ve questioned your feelings of attraction and where you fit into it all.

When you constantly receive messages about what it means to be male or female, it often pushes us to conform or rebel… or feel downright confused.

Sexuality And Gender Img 2One thing you know for sure, though…

You long for the meaningful connection and physical touch everyone else enjoys in their relationships.

You want a life where you can fully accept what feels true.

To do that, you must be fully comfortable in your skin.

No matter where you are now…

I can help you get there. Let me help you explore the feelings you’ve been hiding from.

I know you might be scared as hell, but I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Come into your own, encouraged and empowered.

Find partnership… if that’s your thing.

Love yourself and your body.

Stop fretting and embrace curiosity!

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