Couples Counseling

Stop doing what doesn’t work. I’ll show you what does…

1072100930Whatever your situation, you’re here because you want a change.

Whether you are straight, gay, young, old, dating, engaged, married, or partnered…

Couples counseling can help you gain insight into your relationship dynamic, resolve conflict, and improve intimacy.

Maybe you have a particular problem you need help working through…

Or perhaps you recognize your “conflict zones” and don’t want to address them without doing more damage to the relationship.

Or maybe you’re a happy couple and just want a “check-up” as you face stress or transition.

Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place!

Couples Img 2I help couples get back on track.

I have seen couples move from barely speaking to each other to enjoy the deepest connection of their lives. My goal is to help you get there, no matter your starting point.

Communicate more effectively and stop the “blame game.”

It’s not enough to stop fighting with your partner. Emotional avoidance can be just as toxic to relationships because the received message is “our relationship doesn’t matter.”

Stay connected to each other and unite against the difficult things in life.

Together, we will identify patterns that hinder your ability to build intimacy. You’ll learn to identify your partner’s deepest longing, turn complaints into opportunities to meet their needs, and experience what it feels like to have them met the same way.

Experience your partnership as a “sacred space” where you can be honest, genuine, and vulnerable.

Reflective, non-defensive listening helps you both feel seen, heard, and understood by the person you most want to know you.

795091624Whatever you’re dealing with…

I’ll help you recognize the strengths in your relationship and build resilience for dealing with conflict.

You will learn how to “turn toward” each other more and stop “turning away” or “against.”

I have extensive training and over two decades of experience working with couples. Let me put that knowledge and experience to work for you!

Whether your relationship is in distress or you just have a few concerns…

Don’t wait for it to improve. Get started today with a free, 15-minute consultation: (704) 741-0692.