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Jan was a successful professional who was overworked and neglected personal relationships. She always felt like she had to prove her worth, which was taking a toll.

Will had been in a relationship for several years when his partner mentioned a distance growing between them. It was difficult for Will to allow himself to be vulnerable, causing a disconnect in all of his relationships that he didn’t know how to fix.



Jovie had spent years trying to distract herself from overwhelming anxiety. She was becoming increasingly frustrated by her lack of progress and had begun blaming herself for her struggles.

Bo was coming to terms with their sexuality and felt rejected for being unable to fit neatly into one of society’s little boxes. The worst part was that they began to turn that scorn inward, which hurt.


Something has to change.

You can’t go on living this way.

And you know that things will worsen unless you get help.

But you’re not sure how to move forward.

There is another way.

Change is possible.

It requires bravery, trust, and facing your fears.

And together, we’ll get there.

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I’d like to help you identify the barriers to being the person you most want to be. Working together, we can build habits that address those challenges and begin to use the wisdom of your body, thoughts, and emotions.

In a safe and supportive space, we’ll determine when action or intervention is required and when you just need to sit with the discomfort and process it.

You can live a life that reflects your values and identity, more authentically “You.”

Let your chosen responses to any situation express the values you want to live.


Jan reached out to me, and we worked together to establish a balance between a thriving professional career and deep, meaningful relationships. Now she’s enjoying connecting with her loved ones and herself.

Will was done keeping important people at arm’s length. In our sessions, he learned to become more vulnerable with trusted others and outwardly express the caring he feels for his partner.



Jovie called me, and we worked to help her gain more self-compassion. She changed her relationship with anxiety and is now committed to taking care of herself no matter what.

Bo was tired of trying to fit in. They needed to see themselves more positively to believe others might see the same. When they committed to self-love, they were more comfortable being themselves.


What I Offer



Define your identity through the choices you make.

These clients all reached out to me, and I was able to help them start living their best lives.

You can live your best life, too. Call me now to schedule your free 15-minute consultation.