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Let’s move through your challenges & change the stories you tell yourself.

I work with people from all walks and stages of life: men, women, professionals, students, parents - anyone seeking to build a more productive, meaningful, and satisfying life.

Clients often come to counseling or coaching feeling “out of balance.” They may be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually drained. They seek additional courage and confidence and greater balance.

As my client, you will be a person living in integrity, in deeper connection with others, and engaged in meaningful relationships


I believe:Jennifer Coleman, Counselor and Coach
We don’t need to dwell on the past; (we can acknowledge and respect it but) we are always looking ahead.
Relationships are the bedrock of our personal and professional lives. They determine whether we feel energized or drained at the start of each day and profoundly affect the quality of the lives we lead.
Changing the quality of the relationships you have changes your life.
Learning how to set boundaries with others changes your life.
Changing what we are saying in our heads every day changes your life.
Thank goodness there are so many ways to change our life that we actually have control over!!

My qualifications include:
Masters in Community Counseling, UNCG
Masters in Family and Marriage Counseling, UNCG
Intensive training with Doug Silsbee of Asheville in presence-based coaching techniques.
10+ years of counseling experience; 3 years of exclusive coaching; currently practice a blend customized for each client.

Let’s move through your challenges and change the stories you tell yourself!

Jennifer is a