About Therapy

1756606511Therapy isn’t just for people with “problems”!

But let’s be real… haven’t we all had problems?

Sure, some of us land in therapy when we are experiencing intense anxiety or deep depression… or trying to work our way through past trauma. Therapy is super useful during those times – maybe even life-saving.

During the hard times when you feel desperate, alone, or afraid, a good therapist can hold hope for you when you don’t have it.

As your therapist, I’ll help you envision a future where you’ve transformed and conquered your current challenges.

614726759Even when your life is not in shambles…

Counseling can change your life by giving you the space to make sense of your life as you live it. Therapy is about helping you make the best choices to live your ideal life.

That means living in healthier, more connected relationships and doing things that align with what matters most.

It also means living in integrity with yourself. You feel out of balance, frustrated, and unsatisfied when you’re not living this way. But when you do live with integrity, you become more content and less reactive.

Therapy can put you in a place where you wake up each day curious about what the world will bring you.

Therapy has helped me in all these ways.

There have been times when even I, the ever-hopeful-anything-is-possible optimist, needed someone to hold some hope that things could change for the better – that I wouldn’t sit in the pit of despair forever.

I needed someone who could see the way out, walk two steps ahead, and lead the way until I could catch up and eventually walk my path.

I’ve done therapy for a long time to ensure I’m living my best life, practicing self-compassion, and being courageous when needed.

About Me

AdminHere is a quick list of my qualifications…

I earned master’s degrees in community counseling and marriage and family counseling at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC, NC #13880) with around 20 years of counseling experience.

I have special training in couples counseling (Gottman Method, Level I) and presence-based coaching with Doug Silsbee.

And some quirky facts about me…

I love to make playlists, although I still think of them as “mix tapes.”

For three consecutive summers in my “younger days,” I drove an 18-wheeler, hauling tomatoes in California’s Central Valley.

In a “previous life” (I’ve had many), I traveled overland from North Carolina to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, on one trip and from Nairobi to Cape Town on another.

It’s my goal to identify birds by their songs someday (rather than by sight).

When I get too old to hike, I want someone to park my lawn chair outside and cover me with a blanket.

I read a lot of philosophy in a futile attempt to practice acceptance of death before it comes.

I have a passion for gardening. You’ll likely find cut flowers from my yard in the office in season.

1664368171The most kick-ass life possible…

That’s what we all want, and that’s why we’re both here. We only get one life, so why wouldn’t we live it to the fullest until the very end?

Poet Mary Oliver once asked, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Let’s explore this question… together.

I can’t wait to meet and work with you. Call me today for your free consultation: (704) 741-0692.