Counseling for Healthcare Professionals

You love your work. But sometimes, it’s too much.

1701457318There’s a reason you sought out this profession.

You’ve always been drawn to helping others.

You loved the sciences and wanted to make a difference in your community.

Working in a high-stress, unpredictable environment was always your cup of tea.

But lately, things have been different.

Is it enough for it to be your calling?

Impossible patient care decisions…

Lack of support from administration…

Longer hours and more demanding shifts…

Seeing how your pay isn’t based on the quality of care you provide…

These stressors go beyond the strains of the job itself.

They leave you (and your team) feeling hopeless and exhausted.

2149634897There’s no one there to hear your everyday concerns.

Sometimes, you get support from the public, but when emergencies affecting everyone calm down, that focused attention goes away.

Meanwhile, you’re having trouble sleeping… and worrying about work on your days off. You work three days on… four days off. You sleep on Day One, catch up on life on Day Two, and start stressing again on Day Three as you anticipate returning to the floor.

You’ve invested so much in this career. It’s not like you can just jump ship and do something else. At this point, you’re hanging on for retirement, counting the months.

It’s like Siri, recalculating your route when you’ve made a wrong turn.

You’ve always taken care of yourself last.

It’s time for that to change. Your whole adult life has been dedicated to easing the suffering of others. Let’s work together to address some of your own.

There’s no way your younger self could grasp all that you were signing up for: the exhaustion, the frustration, the discrimination in the system, and the loss of patients and loved ones along the way.

The trauma, grief, and burnout… there has been a high personal price for the work you continue to do.

558908494In my office, you’re allowed to be human.

You’re given a confidential, judgment-free space to process your thoughts and feelings.

It’s a caring, collaborative space of reflection.

We’ll also improve your coping skills to keep your nervous system regulated.

It may even prevent or help you recover from PTSD.

The expectations of you as a medical provider are relentless.

You’re expected to have all the answers, exhibit top-notch clinical judgment, conduct all procedures perfectly, and do it all objectively while remaining emotionally stable and compassionate.

This is beyond human.

You’re highly trained and skilled in what you do. It’s time to let someone else focus their training on YOU for a change.

Let’s refocus your professional purpose and how you live it out.

Don’t wait any longer. Call me today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation: (704) 741-0692.