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Relationship Counseling


Jennifer draws on her education (EdS in Marriage & Family Counseling), training (Level One Gottman Training with John & Julie Gottman), and 10 years of experience in counseling people for better relationships.

Jennifer says,” I help individuals and couples who are discouraged with their relationships to communicate clearly and develop more intimate connection. I have seen couples move from barely speaking to each other to the deepest connection of their lives. My purpose is to assist everyone seeking relationship counseling to experience increased closeness and satisfaction in their relationship.”

Jennifer uses her “Get Over It” methodology, informed by Brene Brown’s pioneering research on vulnerability and John Gottman’s long-term (45+ year) study of couples’ communication to provide research-based strategies and results. Clients learn to build a culture of appreciation, take responsibility, and use a gentle start-up during conflict. They discover how to create sacred space within the relationship so that both people can feel safe being vulnerable and experience increased intimacy.


Relationship coachingBased on John Gottman’s Work, Jennifer helps couples identify patterns that are helping or hindering their ability to build intimacy and love each other in the best ways. You will be challenged to own your role in the relationship instead of trying to change your partner.

During couple’s counseling:

You’ll develop a love map.
You’ll learn to identify your partner’s deepest longing.
Turn complaints into an opportunity to give your partner what they need most. And experience this being reciprocated.
Own and change the patterns that simply do not work.
Learn to be honest and genuine, vulnerable, and create sacred space.

Parent CoachingParent coaching to the rescue

You want the best for your child. Having kids can trigger emotions and behaviors that you didn’t even know you had hidden deep inside! Jennifer helps you navigate what’s going on inside you so you can better help your child with their emotions.

Learn to:

  • Own your response.
  • Understand what you can control.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with your unique individual child.
  • Identify your child’s particular needs.
  • Give your child choices and take responsibility for their choices.
  • Remove the emotional and verbal “judo” or pushback get from your child.

Jennifer is an expert working with blended and step families and this comes from her own personal vantage point.

SiblingsSibling relationships can be hard.

Siblings have a unique relationship. It’s a relationship you’re born into it. There are expectations that may not be able to be fulfilled. In a healthy way or under duress, you must learn to move in the world, share resources, and figure out your role in the relationship.

If you desire to repair a fractured sibling relationship:

  • Learn to stop competing, comparing, and contending.
  • Find the common ground.
  • Find the value in your sibling and become a resource for each other.

Whole FamilyFamily Coaching

Jennifer invites you to bring your whole family for counseling. You’ll learn to communicate, share the space effectively, hear everybody’s voice, and learn to reach consensus.

Learn skills that:

  • Uncover wants and needs.
  • Turn complaints into expressed desires.
  • Create boundaries and develop respect.