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Life Coaching

Life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by choice.

Jennifer draws on her education (BS in Psychology, MS in Community Counseling, & EdS in Marriage and Family Counseling) and her decade of experience coaching people for better lives to help those facing life changes to do it with grace, courage, and conviction.

Jennifer says,” My purpose is to help all clients experience greater fulfillment and connection in their lives. I do this work because I love hearing people’s stories and shaping future stories together. I am honored when someone chooses me as a partner for this work and I love seeing clients live hjappier lives as a result.

My clients are brave, spirited, and interesting individuals who are willing to own their own stories. They know that they had a part in getting where they are, and so will have most everything to do with where they are going next. And they are not afraid to seek a mentor along the way.”

Life Coaching Rates:

Single Session $110

Custom Packages can be assembled for the unique needs of the client. 5 sessions for $500. Examples included:

“Re-Assessing Life; Revitalizing Myself: Avoid the Quarter Life/Midlife/LaterLife Crisis by Being Proactive”

Session 1: Self-Assessment: Who Am I? What’s Most Important to Me?

Session 2: Visioning Guide

Session 3: Energy Assessment

Session 4: Habit Work

Session 5: Centered & Grounded; Living Your Commitment

“Overcoming Fear & Anxiety”

Session 1: Assessment: Identify your Triggers/Thoughts

Session 2: Replace Triggers with Cues. Learn to use the CTFAR Methodology.

Session 3: Learn to Create Direct Experience You Can Trust

Session 4: Learn to Relax; Centered & Grounded Practice

Session 5: Plan Next Right Steps