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Imagine It, Become It

before-the-shutter-closesSlow down. What do you most want to be different in your life? Can you imagine a more content version of yourself? Maybe you yearn to be stronger, braver, more connected, less rushed, more compassionate with yourself and others. Whether it’s a career change, relationship work, or some other life transition you want to make, imagining what that future looks like is the first step.

What would it look like if you were more connected to your loved ones? What would you be doing that you don’t do now? What kinds of tasks would you be doing (or not doing) if you were engaged in your ideal work life…one in which you used your natural talents and abilities…the ones that feed you rather than drain you? What do you see if you responded as your most authentic (and kind) self to the simple question: “How are you?”

We are limited by what we can envision for ourselves. Once we can see it clearly, we can determine the next right steps to get there. They may not be easy. They may not be fast. They might be scary as hell to take. But hold onto that snapshot in your head of what can be. If that picture is what you really want, it will be worth every step you take to get there.



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