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Career Coaching

Jennifer draws on her education (master’s level coursework in Career Counseling) and a decade of experience coaching individuals in career transition. She says, “ I help clients who are currently dissatisfied with some aspect of work life find career roles that best suit their interests, skills, and values. I have assisted clients making both small, within-the-field changes (promotions) and large, re-defining (change of field) transitions. My purpose is to help all clients experience greater fulfillment in their work life and better work-life balance. Clients experience increased confidence and satisfaction as a result. I have seen individuals move from dreading going to work in the morning to work being the best part of their day.”

Career Coaching Rates:

Single Session $110

Package $500*
Session 1: Assess Skills, Interests, and Values
Session 2: Evaluate Passion & Purpose
Session 3: Resume Review
Session 4: Interview Preparation
Session 5: How to Network Effectively, Research, Apply

*All packages can be catered to the unique needs of the individual client, including those starting their own businesses.