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About Jennifer Coleman

Jennifer Coleman Davidson NC Life Coach Lake Norman

Hi, I’m Jennifer Coleman.

Many people ask the difference between a life coach and a counselor. During my career, I have been both. I was a solution-focused and narrative therapy-influenced therapist for about a decade before turning to intensive training in presence-based coaching techniques.

As a counselor, I work with individuals, couples, and families often struggling with anxiety, depression, or major life transitions to make positive change. As a coach, I operate in the now and focus on moving forward. It doesn’t matter as much HOW you created a habit as much as what it will take to change it. I like to say, “The half-life of an insight is remarkably short.’ We don’t need to dwell on the past — we are always looking ahead.”

I bring a background of formal training in psychology with two masters degrees in community counseling and marriage and family counseling. I also have intensive training in presence-minded coaching and mindfulness techniques.

“I made more progress with you in a few months than in years of therapy!”
~ Life Coach client, N.L.

Get to Know Jennifer Coleman

  • I traveled overland to many interesting places, road-tripping from North Carolina to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina during one excursion and hitchhiking the Caprivi Strip (Kalahari Desert – Africa), during another.
  • I love to garden — tomatoes, basil and cucumbers are staples at my house.
  • My family loves animals. We have three dogs and two cats.
  • I recently learned to make playlists, although I still prefer to call them “mix tapes.”
  •  I once met Nelson Mandela on a flight from JFK to Johannesburg. He has remained an inspiration in my life.
  • I enjoy quilting; it’s meditational.
  • For three consecutive summers in my “younger days,” I took the driver’s seat in an 18-wheeler hauling tomatoes in the California valley.
  • It’s my goal to someday identify birds by their songs rather than by sight.
  • I love to cook. You may be lucky enough to find a plate of my go-to applesauce muffins at my office!